Leap Ahead 




Nursery Manager

currently job sharing as Manager at Spring Villa due to maternity leave

Opening Times & Contact Details​

Open Monday - Friday 8.45am-3.45pm school term time only (other hours by arrangement)

 for 2-4 years

'Sessional' funded times available for 'education funded sessions'

Morning - 8.45-11.45 am

Afternoon- 12.45 -3.45 pm

Other sessions maybe available & 'lunch club'

For fees please see below

Telephone - 01472 456694

Email - [email protected]

Leap Ahead at Rutland Street

Our small but perfectly formed Preschool has been operating in the old doctors surgery on Rutland Street for 5 years.

A little like Doctor Who's 'tardis' through the front door is a gem of learning opportunities & most of all 'awe & wonder'.

Opening its doors in 2015, Leap Ahead wanted to provide a different learning experience for the children of the East Marsh area, a special homely environment which gave children a 'a hug'.  Where young children could feel safe, secure & treated as the individuals that they are.

Registered for 24 children from 2-4 years the nursery has been developed to make the most of the space inside & outside.

Like all our nurseries we only provide the highest standard of high quality resources, equipment , authentic items & natural materials to explore.

Away with the 'plastic fantastic' one dimensional toys we strive to ensure our children learn to be independent, curious to learn & eager to explore their environment around them which are the very foundations for learning.

With close links to the Shalom church next door as well as other local community organisations Leap Ahead @ Rutland Street is key to the local community & it's families.

What Ofsted say about us.........

Staff play alongside children and encourage them to talk about what they are doing. This  helps them to develop good communication and language skills. Staff use precise  observations and assessments of children's learning and these are shared with parents. Staff introduce mathematical language into planned activities. They ask children to help

them count the number of children present, using their fingers to represent the numbers.  Children demonstrate good listening skills and follow simple instructions. Staff use good teaching strategies to help raise children's self-esteem. Partnership working with schools is effective in helping children who have special educational needs or disabilities.

Children feel valued and have a strong sense of belonging in the nursery. Staff encourage  children to do things for themselves, such as putting on their coats and hanging them up  when coming in from outdoors. Staff use a good range of strategies to promote children's positive behaviour. 

The management team ensures that the nursery continues to make improvements. The manager gathers feedback from parents and staff to help identify and make changes to improve the experiences children receive.  The manager completes detailed analysis of individual and groups of children's progress over time. This helps her to work in partnership with staff to identify and help close any gaps in children's learning quickly.

January 2017

To read the full report please see the link below:-


Fees For Rutland Street

3 hr - Preschool Session 8.45-11.45am or 12.30-3.30pm - £17.75 

Short Day 8.45am-3.30pm - £38.50  packed lunch to be provided 

Full Time - £186.00 packed lunch to be provided

lunch club to link two preschool time sessions together or for school to nursery link 11.45-12.45 - £6.50 (depending on availability - packed lunch to be provided)

The Governments tax free Childcare Scheme could save you 20% on your Childcare Fees.

Please visit www.childcarechoices.co.uk for more information on that & how else the Government can assist with paying for childcare including how to apply for FUNDED CHILDCARE PLACES.

We offer a 10% Sibling discount ( no further discount on full time places)