Leap Ahead 


Charmaine Rowlands

Childcare Manager

Opening Times & Contact Details

Open Monday - Friday 7.30am-6pm

Full Day care available - All Year Round

Sessional funded times available for 'education funded sessions'

Morning - 8.45-11.45 am

Afternoon- 12.30 -3.30 pm

Short Day 9-3pm

Other sessions are available please Fee section below

Telephone - 07512 177143

Email - [email protected]

Leap Ahead @Nunsthorpe

Adjacent to the grounds of Woodlands Primary School on Pinewood Crescent. Leap [email protected] is based in the building formally used by the local Children's Centre. Ideally placed for families living or working on or near the Nunsthorpe & Bradley Park area of Grimsby, as well as being 2 mins from Laceby Road which leads quickly into the centre of Grimsby.

Sympathetically designed to provide all the features of a nursery which meets the emotional needs of very young children by creating

a homely environment, whilst enhancing the play rooms with the both traditional & the latest equipment for supporting young children's holistic development.

Our Nurturing Room  has been designed to support both the emotional & developmental needs of babies, toddlers & pre-preschool children.

Our unit is self contained, has its own outdoor space & access to the nursery 


With a seperate area for smaller & none mobile children, the larger area is designed for the ever growing toddler & younger child.

Area's to climb, explore, get messy & be curious.

The Preschool Area 2 1/2  -4 years ( 30 spaces)

The Preschool Room has been designed to provide specific areas for play. The floor play area, provides ample space for children to engage in construction & small world play. Whilst the cute home corner area engages children in acting out role pay situations.

A huge ceiling to floor open view into the garden area, dominates the messy & creative play area. Painting, drawing, cutting & sticking as well as sand & water play (& other malleable play resources such as dough & gloop) takes place in this area as well as space for meal times.

Direct access to a large outdoor space with resources again designed for the younger child. This area has free access so children are free to play & learn outside whilst being supervised.

The nursery provides the ideal learning environment for the younger child enabling staff to follow children's own interests & develop their individual learning methods, whilst being supported by highly qualified nursery team members who can plan to enhance each child's development individually.

What Ofsted say about us.........

The manager supports her staff well in their roles through supervision meetings. Recent training has helped staff to further promote children's listening skills.

Staff are skilled at responding to children's ideas to develop their play activities. They provide structured activities to teach children specific knowledge and skills, helping them to make good progress. Staff ensure that children feel valued as individuals, are safe and well cared for. They display children's photographs and artwork, promoting their sense of belonging in the nursery. Children behave very well. Staff give them lots of praise and encouragement.

Staff have a good understanding of how children learn. They observe children as they play and provide focused activities to support their good progress. Assessments are used well to identify and implement strategies to close any gaps in learning.

Staff help children to have a sense of responsibility and to share and take turns. Older children help younger children to turn on taps to wash their hands. Staff give them cloths to wipe tables prior to eating. 

Staff promote babies' independence.

Children talk confidently and are keen to tell staff what makes them happy. Staff introduce mathematical language into children's play. Children play with numbers and learn about positional language. Staff are good role models and play alongside children.

December 2015

To see the full report, please click on the link below:-


Fees @ Nunsthopre

Under 3's

Am session 8am til 1pm - £25.50 (packed lunch is required)

Pm session  1pm til 5pm - £24.75

Full Day 8am-5pm - £45.50

Full Time - £198.00 

Hourly rate - £5.35 

£7.50 stand alone (min 2 hours subject to availability)

Over 3's

Am session 8am til 1pm - £23.75 (packed lunch is required)

Pm session 1pm til 5pm - £23.00

Short Day 9am-3 pm ( packed lunch is required) - £41.50

Full Day 8am-5pm- £43.50 -packed lunch is required)

Full Time - £193.00 (packed lunch is required) 

Hourly rate - £5.35 on top of a session

£7.50 stand alone (min 2 hours subject to availability)


The Governments tax free Childcare Scheme could save you 20% on your Childcare Fees.

Please visit www.childcarechoices.co.uk for more information on that & how else the Government can assist with paying for childcare including how to apply for FUNDED CHILDCARE PLACES.

We offer a 10% Sibling discount ( no further discount on full time places)